B&H Has Among Richest Water Sources in the World

water-supplyWith about nine and a half cubic meters per inhabitant, B&H has the largest quantities of drinking water in the region and is seventh in Europe, and by water resources it is richer than most countries in the world, including China, France, Germany, Japan and the USA, according to statistics from the World Bank 2012.

B&H has many natural and thermal springs, among which are very rare mineral springs that are known in expert circles in the world, such as Crni Guber, Kulaši i Gračanica.

There is a substantial number of sulfur sources, of which the most notable are the Ilidža thermal sulfur springs, thermal radioactive water Fojnica and thermal healing waters of Banja Vrućice, announced the B&H Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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