BH Delegation to be educated at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Boston

March 3, 2018 12:30 PM

Expert Adviser at the Operational and Communication Center 112 in the Ministry of Security of BiH Mirnesa Softic is the first woman who received the medal “Knight” from the International Order for Civil Protection.

She will travel to Boston as a member of BH delegation, where she will participate in the education on software platform together with delegations from Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. This platform is already used in the USA and Australia for the communication in case of natural and other disasters in search and rescue.

She noted that it is the project “Advanced Regional Coordination in Disasters in the Western Balkans Countries”, through which they will develop and implement a system for improvement of communication and the exchange of information between different participants in the system for protection and rescue in case of natural or other disasters in BiH or other Western Balkan countries.

The aforementioned application provides assistance in the process of communication between rescuers in the field and operational centers from which the coordination is conducted.

“The system was conceived in a way that it uses different levels of maps for its basis, and it enables the real-time communication between rescuers and operational centers,” stated Softic.

The NICS system was tested and used in real – life situations during the season of fires, as well as in the search for drowning persons in Miljacka in the month of December 2017.




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