B&H Companies Visited Fairs in Istanbul

drvoAgency ‘Adonis Group’ and the B&H Chamber of Commerce, with the financial support of one of the biggest organizers of fairs in Turkey-‘TUYAP Fair’, organized a visit of the representatives of the Associations of the trees and forestry industries of the B&H Chamber of Commerce at the 26th international fair ‘Wood Processing Machinery 2013’ and the 16th international fair ‘Intermob 2013’, which was held from 5-9 October in Istanbul, announced on the website of the Chamber of Commerce.

26 representatives visited the fairs from 13 companies of the wood and furniture industry in B&H.

This is one of the biggest fairs from the area of the wood industry in Turkey and the region of Eurasia. Around 880 companies from 32 countries participated.



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