BH Companies invited to be Suppliers to German Customers

Bosnian companiesBH companies were invited to be the part of the project “German initiative for finding suppliers in countries of Western Balkans“.

The aim of the initiative is connecting German customers with chosen suppliers from Western Balkans, and is carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Energy of FR Germany, as a part of the common organization of Presidency of German economy in BiH and other regional  chamber branches of German economy, as well as the Association for materials management, import and logistics.

During a one day event on 9th June in Munich, interested German companies will take direct “B2B-matchmaking“ conversations with representatives of companies from countries of Western Balkans in the field of metal processing, production of furniture and furniture elements, textile and leather processing, information and communication technologies and building and agriculture products.

Initiators of the project, in  that way want to contribute to the increase of economic activities in region, and at the same time to contribute to strengthening the European idea.

The head of the Presidency of German economy in BiH, Alexander Mardian, said that functional markets of suppliers, reliable networks of suppliers and efficient supply chains are essential for reducing of high foreign trade deficit in region.

He considers that the Balkan market of suppliers provides a great potential for customers from Germany and that those business opportunities should be better utilized in future.

For participations in this project, BH companies, in the first phase, fill the form in English or German, and which is published at the website of the Presidency of German economy in BiH.

In the second phase, German companies will consider received applications and will select appropriate companies from BiH and region, that will be invited to participate in the conference in Munich.

Deadline for the submission of completed forms i 31st March 2015, and more information about the initiative and terms and conditions of participation was published at the website of the Presidency of German Economy in BiH.


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