B&H Band “Bosnische Post” Recording Two Songs

B&H bandB&H band Bosnische Post recorded two singles and music videos for the songs, and they believe that it will be its sound, Bosnian reggae, imposed on B&H music market.

Bosnische Post is a band that originated in 2010, and was founded by a young B&H musician, songwriter and guitarist Mahir Bajrić. Bend today, except for him, the band is made of Mirza Duran (drummer) and Arman Alatović (bass guitar).

“The band is called Bosnische Post, as there were called newspapers during the AustroHungarian ruling. I was sitting in a pub and I saw a poster on which it was shown a Bosnian selling the newspaper and I immediately knew that would be the name of the band. At this title, there is a moment of patriotism and thus we show that we Bosnians make Bosnian products”, said Bajrić for

Bend has its today’s composition for half a year and they have decided to enter the studio and record the singles “Vizija” (Vision) and “Kula od kamena” (Tower of Stone).
After finishing recording songs we’ll do videos. The first song should be completed as early as September“, said Bajrić for, adding that singles are recorded at the studio of Nedim ZlatarBasheskije.

As pointed out, Bosnische Post, is a band that plays reggae fusion, but adds to the rhythm even other elements.

It is the essence, it is the Bosnian reggae. Regarding to the theme songs, these are my views about life, love, emotional states, philosophical thinking ” said Bajrić who writes the music and lyrics.

When it will be finished the recording of singles, will be held the promotion, and after that the B&H band plans to perform across the country, but also in the region. They believe that people will like their music.


(Photo Source: Facebook)

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