BH Actor flew over Sarajevo in Gyrocopter and recited Poetry at 3,000 Meters

July 16, 2018 1:00 PM

BH actor Senad Basic flew over Sarajevo in gyrocopter and recited the poetry of Dobrisa Cesaric, one of the greatest Croatian poets of all times on the height of 3,000 meters.

“While flying in gyrocopter, vibrations of poetry and music harmonized in me. The rhythms of the poetry of Dobrisa Cesaric from the song “Cloud” and the poetry of Vladimir Vidmar from the song ‘In the clouds’ came from the depths of my own being. The real feeling of the Moral of Beauty,” said Basic.

From FunFly stated that it was a great honour for them to fly with one of our greatest actors of all times and show him “an office with the most beautiful view”.

“We are very happy for the fact that our working conditions made such a deep impact, and they used as an inspiration to this great actor. Flying among the clouds is something beautiful, very inspiring and spiritual experience that can change a person forever. This experience puts us right where we should always be, in the most important moment of our life. The only moment that exists. The present one. After this kind of flight, a person stays in that moment and truly lives it. Now and here. And that opens up some great new opportunities. That moment is the only one that matters. It is the real sense,” as announced from FunFly.

They also stated that Senad Basic was the first person in the history of aviation, and in the general history, who recited in the clouds at 3,000 meters.

“This is something that cannot be forgotten,” stated Basic after his ride.

Gyrocopter is a type of helicopter that moves with a horizontal rotor. It is considered as the safest aircraft because the rotor of the gyrocopter is always on autorotation, so that the gyrocopter can continue flying even in case of engine failure.

Take a look at the video:

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