Bekic: An exceptional diplomatic Move by Serbia, the largest Number of Foreigners for Vaccination is from BiH

Dr. Zoran Bekic, director of the vaccination point at the Belgrade Fair, told RTS the other day that Serbia has become a vaccination center in Europe since the leaders of that country made an exceptional diplomatic move.

“Serbia extended a hand of friendship to the region, erased the borders, and showed that we are all fighting against a common enemy. At the end of March, more than 22.000 foreign citizens were vaccinated in Serbia, more than 12.000 at the Fair. 12 weeks passed and it was time for revaccination, ” stated Bekic.

That is why, as he said on Saturday, 8.000 foreign citizens will get the second dose of the vaccine at the Fair, and 5.000 tomorrow.

“At the same time, vaccination with the first doses at the Fair is underway, exclusively for the citizens of Serbia, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH),” Bekic said.

“We expect the delivery of Sputnik as soon as possible. We need any personal document where there is a number,” Bekic noted.

In recent days, the largest number of foreign citizens who are vaccinated at the Fair come from BiH and North Macedonia, while young people are at the shopping malls.

“In the shopping center ‘Usce’, from May 6th to Wednesday, 13.600 people were vaccinated with the first doses, and the age is on average 40 years,” noted Bekic.

By Friday, more than 44 percent of Serbian citizens in Serbia had received the first dose of the vaccine, and 40 percent had received the second dose, Klix.ba writes.


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