Began the International Event “Novo Sarajevo Literary Meetings 2013”

susretiInternational Cultural Event “Novo Sarajevo 6thliterary meetings 2013started today in Sarajevo, organized by the the Association for Culture – Novo Sarajevo (KNS).

President of the Association for Culture – Novo Sarajevo (KNS) Ibrahim Osmanbašić, in a statement for the news agency Fena said that this event every year attracts more and more attention of local and regional authors, and this year will bring together 90 authors from 15 countries of the world and region.

“The significance of the event is that this is one of the biggest literary events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also we have the program where we present less known authors who are good and as well we open space for the presentation of new talent in B&H”, said Osmanbašić.

There will also be awarded three prizes: Novo Sarajevo featherfor the entire work and assistance in the creation of beautiful words for 2013 in the category of Dani Bedrač (Slovenia) international cultural cooperation, Asim Bajramović (USA) Bosnia’s literary of Diaspora and Jasmin Ibranović (B&H) – B&H young authors.

During the three-day program will be held promotions of 24 books by authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

The event began with the book promotion U nestašići duše of the young writer Elma Velić and the completion of the event is scheduled for the 24th August when it will be promoted the book Izvan dometa” a collection of participants works.

The event venue is the hotel “Radon Plaza” and entrance to all events is for free.

 (Source: Fena)

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