Beds from Zivinice increasingly demanded in the Region and Europe

The increasingly successful company BENF from Basigovci near Zivinice is recording important results from year to year. Continuous improvement of the technological production process is a regular task of management of this company.

“Our company will mark the first decade of its existence and successful work on the production of beech wood furniture on July 14. We are producing different types of beds and we are placing them on the foreign markets. Our largest investment so far was the purchase of painting facilities, which amounted to 65, 000 EUR, from the manufacturer of Cana Turkey. This modern machine is saving on workforce, and we increased our productivity and improved the quality of our products,” said Ismet Hodzic.

The company BENF Ltd. Zivinice has 44 workers at the moment. Besides the domestic market, their products are also placed on the markets of Croatia, Austria, Germany, Serbia and Switzerland.

“I would like to note that the procurement of raw materials from local forestry was improved, but we are still importing from Croatia. We have modern drying facilities with the capacity of 30m since last year and they are produced by the most famous producer Nigos from Nis. Therefore, the quality of beds that we are making is at the highest level, which is the reason why we are receiving more and more orders from abroad,” stated Hodzic.




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