Beauty of BH Krajina: Rafting on Una River, a Trip through untouched Nature

una9Clean and untouched nature on more than 200 kilometers attracts a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists that are visiting this part of BiH just to enjoy this endlessly green color and to try some of great activities that are offered here. One of them, and according to many the most attractive one, is rafting on Una River. Hundreds, and maybe even thousands of lovers of nature and adventurous sports, are visiting  Krajina every year just to participate in rafting or the traditional Una Regatta.

Rafting on Una River represents a true tourist attraction and an unforgettable adventure for everyone who loves pure nature. It takes place on more or less wild rivers in a special boat called the raft. Rafting guides are experienced kayak-skippers, and they know these wild waters very well, especially Una River and its canyons.

“We have a lot of tourists from Europe, as well as Arab countries. Most of them are from Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The most popular route is Strbacki buk, which represents an attraction to all tourists. Rafting is very important, especially for the city of Bihac, where we also present our beautiful Una with it. People can see all of its beauty and purity,” said Muhamed Hodzic, who is dealing with rafting for 15 years.

He also noted that rafting is one of the main and most attractive tourist attractions in this part of Una-Sana Canton.

There are also those who want to enjoy rafting during the winter, but they are rare. What is important, according to Hodzic, is that those who once come to rafting on Una River, return every year.

“As we can see, there is great potential for catering and water sports, as well as everything else that is linked to some adventurous contents, and we have a lot of those as well,” said Merima Zulic, Coordinator for projects and co-operation of RTV of Una-Sana Canton.


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