Beautiful Photos of B&H in the World Media 4 times in 15 days


It never happened before that photos of B&H get to the covers of the world’s internet portals, newspapers and TV channels, 4 times in only 15 days.

Unique jumps from the waterfall in Jajce first offered the story about the beauty of B&H to the global channels on the 1st of August. 21 meters high and one of the very few waterfalls in the world located in the city center, they elicited sighs of millions of tourists from all over the world, after the media reported beautiful shots of the International jumps from the waterfall.

Fifteen days later, the world’s media wrote about another jumps, and this time about the RedBull Cliff Diving jumps from the Old Bridge in Mostar, on which performed the best jumpers of the world.

The story of the Mexican Jonathan Paredes, winner of this year’s Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup, which was held in B&H for the first time, was reported by all of the European and American media.

Day before jumps, the opening of the 21st Sarajevo Film Festival took place in Sarajevo, and 4 days later everyone were reporting about great welcoming reception that fans prepared in Sarajevo for the U16 basketball team after they won the gold medal on the Eurobasket in Lithuania.

The British Daily Mail reported that the fans flooded the streets of Sarajevo and celebrated the victory over Lithuania in the finals of Eurobasket. The British state that the welcoming reception of young players was fantastic.

Italian Repubblica stated that Cadet national basketball team of B&H made a miracle by winning on the Eurobasket, and that they managed to unite a country that was drowning in hatred and violence for many years.


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