BBI Bank chosen for ‘’The most successful Islamic Bank in Europe’’

Amer Bukvic, director of Bosna Bank International dd (BBI) won the award for the best transformational leader in the field of Islamic banking, and BBI Bank for “The Most Successful Islamic Bank in Europe” according to the Cambridge IF Analytica selection from the United Kingdom (UK). Awards were handed to Bukvic on November 14th  at the IRBA Islamic Retail Banking Awards ceremony, which was organized in Dubai, one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The selection for the best leaders was carried out by a special committee that was comprised of world leading experts from the Islamic banking industry and the academic community. The awards are given to individuals who have shown great commitment to the development, growth and success of Islamic banking. Recognition for the best transformational leader is awarded to charismatic individuals who inspire people to achieve their goals and who have an unconventional way of achieving the vision.

The Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA) aims to promote the excellence of institutions and successful practices in the field of Islamic banking, in order to strengthen the global Islamic Financial Services Industry. IRBA gives awards for the most stable Islamic banks based on the most rigorous efficiency analyses by the Cambridge IF Analytica. The banks who win this award are considered to be the most stable and safest financial institutions for clients.

Cambridge IF Analytica from the U.K. is an analytical house in the field of financial services which is specialized for developing modern analytical tools for evaluating of business data, estimation of macroeconomic indicators and monitoring trends in the market. The emphasis is placed on the market positioning and development of the financial institutions brand in the global market. They provide strategic advisory services for state governments, financial institutions and multilateral organizations for the development of Islamic financial markets.


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