Babic: Preparations are going very well; Trainings are excellent


The cadet national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina works diligently in the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica and in the best way performs all the obligations set before them by the technical staff led by the head coach Nermin Šabić.

The assistant coach in the cadet team, Amir Spahić, says about the preparations:

“After March, this is our first gathering. In the Training Centre in Zenica, we have excellent conditions, from accommodation, food, pitch, etc. We have everything we need to work and we try to use it in the best way. The problem of the generation born in 2004 is that they are not in the foreground in their clubs. However, from the autumn, when the new season starts, the players born in 2003 will move to juniors, so these guys will also have more space to play. There is quality among the cadet national team players, and maybe at the beginning of the new season, some new names will come to the fore.”

National team player Marko Babić believes that the cadet team is of good quality:

“Preparations are going very well; the trainings are excellent. We all work to the maximum; we are eager to prove what is great for this team. We can’t wait for the qualifications and we hope that we will make good results. It is good that we have already started working, and if there was no break due to the coronavirus, we would certainly be even more coordinated and better now.”

Goalkeeper Ivan Majstorović also has positive impressions from the preparations:

“This is the second time I have been invited to the national team and we are doing great. We are still getting to know each other, but it is already clear that the team and the technical staff are up to standard and that we are cooperating great. I am glad to be a part of this team, it is a great thing for a young player when he receives an invitation for the national team. That means that all the work paid off and I will continue to work even harder to keep the status of the national team player.”


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