Awards for best athletes in 2012

The Athlete Federation of B&H has marked the end of the year 2012 and the end of a successful athlete season with an award show for all successful athletes, coaches and clubs in 2012.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the International Association of Athletics Federation, with the decision of the Athlete Federation of B&H, the awards of IAAF were given to athletes such as active athletes, coaches and those who gave their contribution to the development of B&H athletics. Mehmed Sokolović and Đurđica Šišiul Rajher received gold medals, while Dragomir Čabrilo, Zoran Divčić, Neđa Đurović, Vinko Galušić and Aziz Kevelj received special diplomas as recognition.

The special award and the silver badge of European Athletics went to Mehmed Skender for his contribution to European athletics and athletics in his own country. Other awards, recognitions and diplomas were given to athletes in B&H.

In the category of seniors the best athletes are Kemal Mešić and Biljana Cvijanović. The best junior athletes are Mesud Pezer and Emina Konjić. In the category of young juniors, Benjamin Abdulahović and Jelena Gajić were the best. The best coaches in the year 2012 are Halil Sedić , while the best female club is  AK ”Borac”. The best male club is AK ”Zenica”.

The special recognition for great results was given to Hamza Alić.


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