Austrians asking for 83 million BAM for Hotel “Holiday”!

12939205_1754024721500871_48096008_nManagement of Austrian HETA with headquarters in Klagenfurt assessed the value of hotel “Holiday” in Sarajevo on 83 million BAM, and the deadline for submission of tenders will expire on the 15th of April. Although dozens of letters of intent with the aim of buying the former symbol of Sarajevo arrived at the address of HETA on the 1st of March, unofficial information state that no one sent a formal cash offer yet.

Although the buyers from Arab countries, as well as Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia and BiH are still in the game, for now it remains unknown who will agree on the request of HETA to pay 83 million BAM for the facility which, in order to shine in all its glory again, needs to be renovated almost from the ground.

Source, who is familiar with the events regarding the sale of the hotel, claims that the Austrians gave too high price in order to collect claims and satisfy all creditors, because only HETA, after the bankruptcy of the hotel, is claiming about 90 million BAM.

“One company from Sarajevo recently did the assessment of the property and found that the hotel, with all the land, costs 42 million BAM. However, the question is who is going to give that kind of money if they do not lower the price, and the lowest is 28 million BAM,” said the source.


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