Australian Portal included Sarajevo in Top 8 Destinations to visit This Year!

sarajevo top 8 destinationAustralian economic portal Mozo published a list of the top 8 destinations that should be visited in this period of 2015 and escape from the winter. Capital of BiH took the 8th place.

Thus Sarajevo found itself “shoulder to shoulder“ with Milano (Italy), Marrakech (Morroco), Washington DC (USA), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Ubud (Indonesia), Hiroshima (Japan) and Yangon (Myanmar).

“BiH offers passengers a time machine, the experience of visit to rural landscapes, small hospitable cities and medieval fortresses. According to the Lonely Planet, Sarajevo and Mostar attract the attention the most as reincarnated centers in which the war-damaged buildings are combined with the modern bars and cafes. For those who like adventure, pure landscapes of mountain ridges and cascade canyons will make you experience the best adventure in rafting than you have had it in the entire Europe“, they wrote.



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