Attention: Icy Roads in BiH

sarajevo roadsDue to low temperatures, this morning, roads in BiH are icy and slippery. There is a snow or ice on several roads as well as in the higher mountains, especially on the following roads: Prozor-Gornji Vakuf, Ključ-Bihać-Izačić, Livno-Bosansko Grahovo, Livno-Kupres-Bugojno, Glamoč-Mrkonjić Grad, Tomislavgrad-Kupres and Sarajevo-Rogatica.

In the central and northern regions, on roads in the valleys and along rivers, as well as in the eastern regions and in the higher areas, drivers are warned on the reduced visibility due to fog.  BIHAMK travel service teams carry out the necessary interventions, so all roads are passable.

BIHAMK appeals on drivers to use the proper winter equipment, which is legally mandatory for all categories of vehicles.

Due to bad weather conditions in Montenegro, border crossing Deleuša (Bileca-Niksic) is closed for trucks. On the other border crossings, retentions are not longer than 30 minutes.

At border crossing Bosanski Brod and Orašje-Županja,  works on the Croatian territory are still present, so the crossings run slow, announced BIHAMK.

(Source: fokus)

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