Association Narco-Ne Celebrating 11 Years of Existence

narkoneThe Association for the Prevention of Addiction Narco-Ne organized in Sarajevo today the celebration on occasion of the 11 years of its successful existence and activities.

‘’Around 120 volunteers from all over B&H came today. We started the celebration with a play ‘Our dreams, our strength’ that was directed and performed by the volunteers. The play speaks about the fight of young people to achieve their dreams and the obstacles faced’’, said to Fena representative of Association Narco-Ne Melita Husagić.

She added that volunteers also organized an exhibition of sculptures that they made and presented it to each other, because they rarely have the chance to connect.

The Association for the Prevention of Addiction Narco-Ne works on problems of addiction in order to reduce addictive behavior and to improve the health of youth in B&H society.

The focus of the activity is on the causes of addiction and to strengthen the protective factors of the healthy development of children and youth.

The Association educates and supports high school students from all over B&H to reduce the risk of addiction and to promote a healthy lifestyle in their communities through volunteer work.

(Source: klix.ba)

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