Armina Mackovic achieved the Greatest Success of BH Innovators since 1995

innovatorFor the first promotion of her innovations, young Armina Mackovic from Maglaj achieved the greatest success of all BiH innovators since the beginning of her participation in world events of inventive-technical creativity since 1995.

Among 639 innovations from 39 countries, she received the second prize (Semi Grand Prize), as announced at last night’s ceremony at the 15th World Exhibition of Inventions in Seoul.

They are construction blocks, which are made majorly of a mixture made of waste paper.

Its innovation consists of two complementary, both in the phase of tests of patentability at the Institute for Intellectual Property: one is a new construction material, the other is a new form of elements. When it comes to the first one, it is a mixture composed mainly of waste paper, cellulose fibers and some Portland cement 450.

“Since these are “goods of wide use”, and the blocks can be built immediately after pressing (there is no need for space for drying) and since Armina applied for a patent of press as well, it is understandable that there was a great interest for this invention, and the business world was curious,” as said from the Association of Innovators of BiH.

Zivko Gelic, from Kotor Varos, won a gold medal for the so-called “Pyramid gardens”. These are channels, which are placed one above the other in slope, but when they are connected on the four sides or circular, they form pyramid or cone. Decorated with various flowers or vegetables they can decorate roundabouts in towns and at road junctions, or can be used in households for growing flowers as well as vegetables, fruits, etc.

Halilovic family (Ademir, Avdo and Emsad) from Kladanj won silver medal for holder of catheters, infusion containers, which allows the patient to move independently. Due to the “exceptional ecological value” for disposal of medical waste, this innovation was awarded by Doctor of philosophy, ecology and sustainable development, Adnan Al-Ramzan Al-Naimi, owner of Agrogreen Company from Qatar.

Such a medal was given to Josip Lastro from Busovaca as well, for his invention of the device for picking of plantation berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry or “Siberian blueberry”, cranberries, etc.). Since a video of the machine was presented on the exhibition, the jury was unique in the award of silver medal.

Fikret Alic, an associate professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Tuzla, according to the Association of Innovators of BiH, didn’t manage to make a model or video of his innovation “self-adaptive heat sources”, which is not easy to visualize.

They are thermal elements that are individually adjusted according to the spatial, temporal, and the temperature need of heating of the given object or space. In all three applications sources emit as much of electrical energy as “they estimate” as needed for a given consumer.

Innovation received the highest recognition at all the exhibitions in which jury was studiously evaluating.

(Source: klix.ba)

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