Application of a New Method in Treatment of Brain Tumors started in Zenica

Zenica Cantonal Hospital has started using tumor intraoperative dyeing agents for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This method has great significance both for patients and for neurosurgeons. The goal of brain tumor surgery is always a complete removal, since the removal of the tumor completely or almost completely shows a positive effect on the necessary postoperative treatment. Completely removing brain tumors depends largely on whether it is possible to differentiate the tumor from the surrounding healthy brain tissue. This is especially important because tissue that is affected by the tumor needs to be removed, and healthy tissue should be spared. However, the boundary between healthy and diseased tissues is often not readily apparent, as many brain tumors appear to be normal brain tissue, leading to too much or too little tissue removal,” was stated from the hospital.

The dye accumulates only in brain tissue, but not in healthy tissue and could significantly contribute to intraoperative differentiation with the aim of removing the tumor as safely as possible.

The dye, Sodium Fluorescein has been used successfully in eye surgeries and initial results from Asia, America and Europe in surgeries for removing intracellular brain tumors, as well as in vascular neurosurgery, are very encouraging in making the basis for the use of the dye in medical procedures.



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