Answer: EUFOR is ready to support the Preservation of a Safe Environment, if Necessary

May 15, 2019 12:00 PM

EUFOR has the capacity to guarantee the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and is willing to support the preservation or establishment of a safe environment if it is needed, was stated from EUFOR to news portal.

EUFOR states that they have a strong executive mandate in accordance with Article VII of the UN Charter, as well as the ability to guarantee the implementation of the Dayton Peace Accords.

“This comes from reserve forces and reserves in co-operation with EU and NATO member states under the Berlin Plus agreement. These reserves can be activated in the event of a deterioration of a secure and stable environment,” was added from EUFOR.

In particular, EUFOR “carefully follows the situation and is ready to support the preservation or establishment of a safe environment, if necessary”.

“EUFOR has the role of oversight and mentoring every day in the activities of demining and disposal of surplus weapons and ammunition, which are important parts of a safe environment,” was added from EUFOR.

The Armed Forces of BiH is made up of people from all 3 constituent peoples and others. They work for, and on behalf of, all peoples of BiH, thus contributing to the resilience of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The AFBiH has transformed from a security consumer, to a security provider following the successful conclusion EUFOR’s Capacity Building and Training program in 2018.

AFBiH regularly trains in combined and collective exercises with EUFOR which displays its readiness for involvement in Peace Support Operations. The AFBiH also plays an important role in supporting the disaster relief capacities of the civilian authorities.

EUFOR is proud of its association with AFBiH and rejects any statements or activities that could divide this organization and jeopardize the success that AFBiH has achieved in terms of providing a single, state-level, and internationally respected, military force, which represents all people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated the EUFOR Mission.



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