Another Cable Car to be built in Sarajevo?


The Pioneer Valley and settlements Grdonj, Sip and Nahorevska Brda, Skenderija and Vranjace in the area of the Municipality Centar could be connected by cable car soon.

Mayor of this municipality Nedzad Ajnadzic stated that there are already interested investors for one of the three cable cars.

“Investors from Saudi Arabia are interested in financing the construction of a cable car that would connect Skenderija with Vranjace, where we would make a picnic site. Moreover, we are actively working to connect the Pioneer Valley and Grdonj with Barice, in order for this place to get a greater tourist importance as well,” said Mayor Ajnadzic.

According to him, the most important role of the cable car will be the reduction of the pollution produced by cars and it would also help in spreading the tourist offer in this municipality.

According to the project, the cable car from Vrbanja Bridge to Vranjace would be 900 meters long. According to Mayor Ajnadzic, it is still early to talk about the value of this project, but there are parameters that guarantee the cost-effectiveness of this investment.

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