Annual Day of Mosques marked in BiH

Special programs in many mosques in B&H and diaspora marked 7 May, the Mosque’s Day, that the Islamic Community in BiH declared in 2000 because on 7 May 1993 Ferhadija mosque in Banja Luka was destroyed.

Bosnian Muslims remember the early morning of 7 May, 25 years ago in Banja Luka, when was completely destroyed Ferhad -paša mosque, known as Ferhadija, 414 years old, whose remains were soon driven to a garbage dump.

The symbolism of 7 May is related to the most beautiful mosque in BiH which was under the state protection. It was an object of great architectural significance and maybe the most beautiful mosque in BiH. The renovation of Ferhadija is completed last year.

Moreover, 7th May is marked as a day of remembrance on the destruction of all other mosques and religious facilities in BiH. 614 mosques and many other religious building are destroyed during the war in BiH.

The Islamic Community in BiH has managed during 20 years after the war to renovate nearly all the religious buildings and in some places, to build new ones.

Sarajevo Times

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