Analysis of BiH General Elections: Interactive Map showing Voters Turnout

An interactive map made by engineer Imer Muhovic, based on the data of the Central Election Commission, points out that the largest percentage of citizens who voted come from small cities.

The total election turnout for the General Elections is 53.3 percent, which is slightly less than the in 2014 General Elections.

The highest percentage was recorded in the municipality of Istocni Stari Grad (Republika Srpska) 80.8 percent. The highest percentage in FBiH was recorded in Banovici, 77.4 percent.

High percentage of turnout was recorded in Istocni Drvar (73.3 percent), Kalinovik (78 percent), Pale-Praca (74 percent), Trnovo (74 percent) and Gacko (75 percent).

Significant turnout was also recorded in the municipality of Stolac and it was 72.8 percent.

For instance, in Sarajevo Canton, the output ranged between 50 and 60 percent, as recorded in Hadzici. The lowest outflow in CS was recorded in the municipality of Centar and was 43.6 percent.

Turnout in Mostar was 51.6 percent. When it comes to Banja Luka, the turnout was 59.5 percent.

The details of the number of registered voters and turnout can be seen on the interactive map available on this link.


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