Analysis of 89 percent of Ballots analysed for Parliamentary Assembly of BiH

According to preliminary results announced by the Central Election Commission (CIK) on Wednesday morning, 89 percent of polling stations have been processed so far for the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.

Most votes have been won by Party of Democratic Action (SDA), 25.77 percent, in the Federation of BiH and the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), 39.21 percent, in Republika Srpska.

Based on 86.60 percent of processed polling stations in the Federation of BiH, SDA is followed by SDP BiH with 14.45 percent of won votes.

Based on 92.50 percent of processed polling stations from area of Republika Srpska, SNSD has won most votes so far, followed by SDS-list (SDS-NDP-NS-SRS) with 25.02 percent.

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