Analysis of the Drill executed by MIA of Serbia and RS

August 31, 2016 2:00 PM

goranThe tactical and demonstration drill executed in Loznica by ministries of internal affairs of Serbia and Republika Srpska caused a great deal of attention and concern because of, as some people called it, the saber rattling. Professor at the Faculty of Criminology at the University of Sarajevo Goran Kovačević says that the drill is primarily politically motivated, but that it bears a clear message.

The tactical demonstration drill executed in Loznica is a type of drill that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia has been organizing individually for years, and officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska only joined the drill this time.

Primarily the idea was to organize the drill at the territory of BiH as well, but Ministry of Security of BiH and the Border Police of BiH did not give consent.

“Without the political background, this drill would not be a problem at all, because people like to see the readiness of police to react on any kind of threat to security. Given the current situation in BiH, this was more of a political drill,” Kovačević emphasized.

Kovačević added that this drill was supposed to be a political attack on the Alliance for Changes in RS.

“Dodik wanted to show that politicians who are opposition in RS are actually acting against the RS and the Serb nation. However, the effect that Dodik wanted to achieve with this drill is not nearly what he planned, if the drill had been held at the territory of BiH,” Kovačević said.

Kovačević pointed out that war rhetoric used by Dodik has gone out of control and that this is all too much for a pre-election campaign.

“I think that, regardless of the rhetoric and certain messages, citizens of BiH have no reason for concern. Minister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektić and Director of the Border Police of BiH Zoran Galić have shown political and professional maturity. By not giving consent for the organization of the mentioned drill at the territory of BiH, Mektić showed that he protects the territorial integrity of this country. On the other side, Galić also acted responsibly, by stating that the Border Police will undertake all necessary measures if a foreign force tries to enter the territory of BiH. Citizens have no reason for concern, but the question is how this will continue developing,” Kovačević concluded.



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