An Attractive Athletic of BH Roots is the biggest Star of EC in Berlin

The European Championship in Athletics started on Monday in Berlin and Amel Tuka was the only BH representative in the game for a medal in the semi-final race on 800 meters.

Shot potters Hamza Alic and Kemal Mesic did not enter the finals, while Mesud Pezer occupied last place in the final competition.

There are no female athletes under the flag of BiH. However, the attention of the sporting public was attracted by an athlete with BH origin. Her name is Ivona Dadic, and she participated under the flag of Austria.

The parents of this 24-year-old athlete moved from war-time BiH (Bugojno) to Austria, whose colours she is defending now.

Regardless of the result, Ivona is one of the stars of the European Championship in Berlin and the most talked about athlete…






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