What is the Amount of Money paid to BiH for the Floods in May 2014?

Total damage and losses caused by severe floods that took place in BiH in May 2014, were estimated at 2,027 billion BAM.

On that occasion, a Donor Conference named “Renewing together” was organized in Brussels in July 2014, at which grants and loans for the damage caused by floods were given to BiH. These funds, and the way of their expenditure, were described in the Report on the Realization of International Funds promised at the Donor’s Conference for Restoration caused by Floods in BiH, and which was adopted by the Council of Ministers of BiH.

The International Community promised a total of 810.5 million EUR of funds at the Donors’ Conference, of which 139.8 million EUR of grants, 670.7 million EUR of loan funds, and 41.4 million EUR for cross-border activities for BiH and Serbia.

According to the findings of the report “Financial Review of Activated Funds of International Assistance for Flood Repairs”, which was adopted by the Council of Ministers of BiH at its 93rd session that was held on March 8, 2017, for BiH was allocated a total of 691.5 million EUR or 85 % of the promised funds at the Donor Conference, of which 139.7 million EUR refered to grant funds and 551.8 million EUR refered to loan funds.

At the same time, a total of 299.2 million EUR or 37 % of the promised funds from the Donors’ Conference were paid, of which 89.5 million EUR of grant funds and 209.8 million EUR of loan funds.

When it comes to cross-border cooperation for BiH and Serbia in the amount of 41.4 million EUR, for BiH was allocated a total of 15.7 million EUR and 1.3 million EUR were paid. As part of additional support was allocated a total of 57.7 million EUR and 44.6 million EUR were paid.

The total value of allocated funds on October 31, 2016, including promised donor funds, the funds intended for cross-border cooperation and additional funds for flood damage in BiH, amounted to 764.9 million EUR, while the total value of already paid funds was 345.1 million EUR.

(Source: akta.ba)

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