What is the Budget of the RS for the Next Year?

Prime Minister of the RS Zeljka Cvijanovic said that at yesterday’s session of the Fiscal Council of BiH was agreed the budget of BiH for the next year and that it will remain at the same level of 950 million BAM, out of which 750 will be financed from indirect taxes.

After the session of the Fiscal Council of BiH in Sarajevo, Cvijanovic told reporters that one of the topics of the session was the global fiscal framework and that these funds will remain at the same level, i.e. there will be no increase.

“In this case, we need to talk about real things, in principle, whether these funds are needed or the increase that was requested. If we want to be serious and if we want to be in agreement with the International Monetary Fund / IMF, and we do not have to if we do not want to, then we should follow their instructions,” said PM Cvijanovic.

Zeljka Cvijanovic said that she also expressed her personal opinion that she is not against the increase in salaries for anybody, but that it is necessary to get the approval from the IMF for something like that.

(Source: akta.ba)



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