Amina Kajtaz: Olympic Princess in Winter Wonderland

Amina KajtazA blue sky is visible in its most beautiful splendor. Just such a sunny idyll of early Saturday morning our beautiful interlocutor left behind in her native Mostar. Nineteen-year-old Amina Kajtaz, the most beautiful swimmer that our country has ever had.

Although she has never been engaged in modeling, because she devoted her life to swimming, Amina is excellent in this role as well. With a height of 1.73 meters and a weight of 62 kg, she could compete on fashion runways with attractive blonde models like Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer.

”Going to the Olympics is something that every serious athlete, who devoted his lifetime to the sport, wishes for. This is the crown of everything. For me, it was special, difficult to describe with words. I was persistent and I invested a lot in myself to succeed.  I haven’t had a social life for 2 years. I stopped going out, I had to even give up on friendships. I went to school only part-time. These were not small sacrifices,” said Amina, remembering the event that marked this year, and possibly her entire life.

“I wanted to go to the opening because it was a unique opportunity. Imagine, you come to the Olympics and have the opportunity to experience the grandeur. My coach was not exactly in the mood for it, because I had a competition the next day and I needed to prepare. But he let me go. At first, it was funny to me that they wrote about my beauty. For me, however, more important was swimming, because that’s why I came there,” said Amina.

Amina returned to her home in Mostar, where she attends the University of Modern Sciences (CKM) and she is currently in the second year in the Department of Nutrition and Health. Although she is looking modestly at her results, professors praise her work. She is swimming twice a day and regularly working out in the gym.

As a sportsman who won 33 Olympic medals, Amina’s role model is American swimmer Michael Phelps. She does not like to talk about her personal goals, but she would like to improve her current results.

“Now that I have reached this level, it will go a little harder. But I hope that with intensive training, I will achieve the desired results. It is my wish to swim 100-meter butterfly for 57 seconds at least once in my life, and that is certainly for the World Cup finals,” says Amina, and we wish her to realize this plan in the following year.

“I appreciate Amel Tuka, Damir Dzumhur, and Larisa Ceric. They are professional athletes. I appreciate Amel Tuka very much because I know how hard it is to be such an individual. Swimming and athletics are very similar and being the third in the world is really impressive,” concluded young Amina.

(Source: akta.ba)

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