American Embassy in Sarajevo: The U.S. is proud of the relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina

November 22, 2012 6:25 PM

The Dayton Peace Accords stopped the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, pointed out the unquestionable and continuous sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia, and laid the foundations for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a stable, prosperous, democratic and multiethnic country consisting of two entities and three constituent peoples-  stated in the report by Fena Agency from the Department of Public Relations of the American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From the Department of Public Relations of American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they also point out that in the previous past 17 years a lot has been accomplished when it comes to the current state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They emphasized how the country is at peace, the infrastructure has been recovered, the political parties reestablished and the Courts are working in order to bring to justice all those responsible for war crimes.

Although, it is evident that the level of progress made is not still the one that citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina deserve. On this note the American Embassy calls upon citizens to express their commitment to tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness.

” It is a path towards a multiethnic, democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina who is a soon to be member of European Union, the member of NATO, and who is  an integral part of a comprehensive, democratic and free Europe. This is a future for which we know that the citizens of this country yearn  and the U.S. will continue working on its fulfillment.” – stated in the report of the Department of Public Relations of the American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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