Amer Bukvic among the Top 500 Individuals in Islamic Economics in the World

bukvicThe World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) published the list of 500 most successful and most influential individuals in the field of Islamic economics.

The Islamic economy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, and the list “Islamica 500” is exclusive business guide that contains names of the most important figures in the field of industry, finance, science, media, law and international relations from around the world. Businessmen on this list are from different areas – Islamic finance, takaful, halal-production, media, tourism, the oil industry etc.

Besides the usual successful businessmen from the Gulf countries, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom, America and France, the list included Bosnians as well. The Director General of BBI Amer Bukvic is one of four Bosnians who have been included among the top 500 individuals in Islamic economics. Bukvic gained his education in Malaysia, Japan, London Business School (LBS) and the University of Oxford.

He is at the head of the BBI since 2006, which is ranked among the fastest growing banks in BiH in recent years. BBI is the organizer of the Sarajevo Business Forum, the international investment conference with a worldwide reputation.

Bukvic has received several awards in BiH and the world for contributions to the advancement of Islamic economics. Among others, Director of BBI, winner of the prestigious “The Jewels of Muslim World Award 2015” for the promotion of Islamic finance and the economy. Also, Bukvic was declared as the best leader and entrepreneurs in the world and winner of the “Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah” in 2014.


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