Ambassador Moon is Impressed With Reconstruction of Banja Luka Mosque

MoonPatrickThe Ambassador of the US to B&H Patrick Moon expressed his satisfaction with the reconstruction of the Banja Luka mosque, which, as he said, is a historical and beautiful mosque that this community must maintain.

Pointing out that during these three years, for as long as he was in our country, great progress was made in the reconstruction of Ferhadija, and that he was impressed with the joint multi-ethnic efforts to reconstruct the mosque so that it could serve the community.

Moon visited Ferhadija during a farewell visit to Banja Luka, because in several weeks he will leave his post as Ambassador of the US to B&H.

The Banja Luka Mufti Edhem Čamdžić expressed his gratitude to the US Ambassador, as well as other countries, for the moral and financial support in the reconstruction of this religious center.

Čamdžić stressed that Bosniaks maintain their fait, but are trying to cultivate tolerance, coexistence and dialogue, because, as he said, we can never tire from that.

He said that for this the best example is the US, where a large number of religious communities exist, and great efforts are made in the name of these values and therefore there are no conflicts.

“We also need this in B&H, as well as Euro Atlantic integration because that is where our place is’’, concluded the Banja Luka Mufti. He also said that Moon will remain a friend of Ferhadija and he hopes that he would return to B&H with his wife.

(Source: Fena)

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