Ambassador Makrevic donated 1,000 books to Pakistan’s National Library

August 1, 2017 1:00 PM

Nedim Makarevic, the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, donated to the Pakistani National Library 1,000 books, worth in total 60,000 BAM.

Ambassador Makarevic used this opportunity to highlight how education is the most important thing in Pakistan, as well as in other parts of the world, and that this donation is meant to help students in their future education and work.

“When I got here more than three years ago, I realized that we can help Pakistan the most through education, since through that, all other problems that are bothersome to the world, such as terrorist, unemployment and radicalism, will be solved,” Makarević said.

Syed Ghayour Hussain, the direction of the National Library of Pakistan, emphasized his pleasure due to this donation, which is not the first from BiH. He thanked ambassador Makarevic, highlighting the good relationship between Pakistan and BiH in all fields and especially in education, highlighting the symbolic and real importance of the assistance of BiH to Pakistan’s educational system. He noted the Bosnian-Pakistani educational center which carries the name of the first chairman of the Presidency of BiH Alija Izetbegović.

Makarevic emphasized how many quality projects in various segments of cooperation, from the industrial sector to assistance in the educational sector, have been realized during his term, noting how not everything was also smooth. As an example, he noted the newly opened Education Center “Alija Izetbegović.” The publics of both BiH and Pakistan are familiar with how much effort, knowledge, and will was invested for one such project to be realized. He added that the Pakistani public very much appreciates the help that came from one small country like BiH in order to help decrease, at least a little, the level of illiteracy.

“Unfortunately, the first contractor wasn’t up to the challenge and, basically, spent private money – because we didn’t use taxpayers’ money whatsoever – private money that equals my whole annual salary and stopped the whole story for one construction season. Because of that, the Center had to change location and I was forced to sue this Pakistani contractor for damages since he owes not the country BiH but me personally. Unfortunately, with construction work, these kinds of things happen, not just in Pakistan but also in BiH and many other countries. However, those uncomfortable moments won’t slow down or stop projects which BiH intends to realize in the sectors which are most sensitive, such as health and education. We will continue doing everything in order to better the relations between our two friendly countries,” Makarević said.

(Source: Fena)


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