Amazing Video of the City of Jajce and Waterfalls


Amir Bashimamovic, a photographer and video producer, has decided to take drone to capture all the beauties of the royal city of Jajce and compile it into a clip he recently posted on his YouTube channel. He also recorded the Pliva Lakes just a few kilometers from Jajce, news portal reports.


Despite the cold weather, domestic and foreign tourists still visit Jajce, a town also called the “museum under the open sky”, with the aim of visiting many religious facilities, cultural and historical monuments, and natural beauties.

Visitors in Jajce mandatorily visit the Church of the Holy Mary with the bell of the Saint Luke, Čaršijska mosque, Church of the Holy Virgin, Sinan bey’s mosque, ramparts and gates of the old town of Jajce, catacombs and the Pliva Lake, with a complex of mills, on the Pliva River.

Tourists can still be seen on the shores of the Pliva Lake, relaxing and enjoying the view of the lake. Few fishermen can be noticed, too. Those who decide to visit the lake may take a boat ride and make a tour of the lake.

The oasis, which also includes a park, provides an opportunity for camping throughout the year and attracts tourists who come from far away to enjoy the pristine nature.

The famous royal city is proud of its many natural beauties and cultural and historical sights.

In Jajce, which is located at the mouth of the river Pliva and the Vrbas, ruled Bosnian kings once upon a time, and many centuries later met councilors of AVNOJ.

The famous waterfall, water mills and Pliva Lake are just some of the attractions that this town in central Bosnia is offering.

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