Amanpour: Do not let Aleppo become Srebrenica x 1000!

56fa3b34-6dcc-4f88-b0e8-29970a0a0a80-christiane-amanpour-2-700x402The globally famous journalist and main star of CNN Christiane Amanpour sent a message to Russian officials who criticized U.S. media and for the umpteenth time reminded the world of the suffering in Sarajevo and the genocide in Srebrenica.

On her Facebook profile Amanpour wrote: “Some Russian officials have criticized the American press for not covering some stories, such as Yemen and Mosul. She went on and added: “Serious U.S. press treat Aleppo like Sarajevo x 1000. Don’t let it become Srebrenica x 1000.”

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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