All Employees of Parliament of BiH have to submit their Diplomas for Check!

It was asked from all employees in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to submit their diplomas on the acquired professional qualifications, and the diplomas awarded in higher and secondary education.

Secretary of the Joint Service of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Kenan Vehabovic potentiated at a session to check diplomas of all employees.

“I asked for a diploma check for all the employees in the BiH Parliament, the highest legislative body in BiH, the first on the checklist will be my, and then of all other employees,” Vehabovic said.

Counterfeiting of diplomas and their abuse is a longstanding problem of the BiH institutions, which deserved attention only in the recent period when journalists from the online magazine Zurnal announced that they bought high school diploma for only 14 days.

Also, three officers of the Sarajevo Police Department at the Sarajevo Ministry of Internal Affairs had suspiciously acquired secondary school diplomas.


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