Alarming Statistics point out that BiH imports 92 Percent of Food

Bosnia and Herzegovina increased trade deficit by 12.11 percent in the first six months of 2019, and it is particularly alarming that the country imports 92 percent of food, BiH Foreign Trade Chamber stated on Wednesday during the press conference.

Exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the first six months period amounted to 6 billion BAM, and imports, 9.94 billion BAM.

Exports from BiH in the first half year recorded a decrease of 0.05 percent year-on-year. Germany, Croatia and Italy are major markets for BiH exports.

Imports increased by 4.43 percent year-on-year, mostly from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Germany.

In the first half year, BiH goods worth 4.42 billion BAM were exported to the EU markets whereas 6.78 billion BAM worth of goods were imported from EU countries.

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