Alarming Information: more than 70,000 Citizens have renounced BH Citizenship

In the past ten years, more than 70,000 citizens have renounced BH citizenship, data of the Union for the Sustainable Return and Integration of BiH stated.

“These are the data we received from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, each individual had to pay 800 BAM in order to be deleted of the BiH citizenship. This money goes to the budget of the Council of Ministers of BiH as a revenue item from the renunciation of citizenship of BiH citizens, and around 60 million BAM has been paid,“was stated by the President of Union Mirhunisa Zukic for Vijesti.ba.

There has been a practice of citizenship renunciation earlier as well, but the practice intensified in 2013.

The Union for a Sustainable Return of Bosnia and Herzegovina worked on a survey in 2013 and concluded that 23,828 people left BiH in that year.

In the years that followed, the number of people who left BiH has increased. Thus, in 2014, BiH was left by 27,305 people, and a year later 29,832 persons.

During the year 2016, 34,000 people decided to leave BiH and 35,000 in the following year. At the end of last year  37,000 people left.

“So, in the past five years, we have recorded about 178,000 people who have left our country,” Zukic emphasized.

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