Alarming: 50,000 Work Permits for Bosnian Citizens issued in Slovenia!


Between 2013 and November 30 last year, a total of 49,597 work permits for work in Slovenia have been issued for workers from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

A total of 661 work permits were issued in 2013 when the Agreement between Slovenia and Bosnia began through the Bosnian Labor and Employment Agency, and the largest number was issued in 2018, a total of 16,090.

For the 11 months of 2019, 13,598 work permits were issued. Since 2013, Bosnia and Slovenia have an interstate employment agreement for all occupations.

While Slovenia imports labor from Bosnia, the real sector in Bosnia remains without much needed skilled workers leaving for a better life and higher salaries.

According to the structure of workers, the majority are drivers and welders with 23 percent each, followed by locksmiths 4 percent, and other occupations in smaller percentages, according to Bosnia’s Labor and Employment Agency.

With regard to work permits for Germany for career jobs from 2013 to the end of 2019, a total of 5,235 permits were issued.

The largest number of caregivers went in 2016 when 1,079 work permits were issued and in 2018 with 1,000 work permits.

The trend of Bosnian citizens leaving Bosnia continued in 2020, with Germany one of the most popular countries.

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