Airline Moscow-Sarajevo-Moscow Began

moskovia_airlines_7A press conference on the opening of a new airline Moscow-Sarajevo-Moscow was held today at the International Airport Sarajevo.

Moscow Aircraft of type SUKOI Super-jet 100, landed today at Sarajevo Airport at 11:30. The landing was greeted with the traditional salute as a sign of welcome.

The director of  Sarajevo International Airport, Ivan Veličan, the general director of the company Moscow Airlines, Mihail Aleksej, H.E. Ambassador of B&H in Russia, Ivan Barbalić, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H, Amer Kapetanović and representative of Moscow Airlines for Balkans, Darko Nikolić addressed the audience at the press conference.

The Director of the Sarajevo Airport welcomed representatives of Moscow Airlines and expressed his satisfaction for the opening of this new airline, which shows that B&H is becoming a more interesting tourist destination.

According to the director of the company Moscow Airlines Mihail Alkesej, the opening of a new airline with Sarajevo is result of a long term effort to make this cooperation succeed.

“For many years we have been working on this project. We have purchased a new plane for this airline”, explained Aleksej, adding that he is amazed with the welcome in B&H.

Flights to Moscow will be once a week, every Friday from Moscow at 11:00 (local time) and arrival in Sarajevo at 11:00 (local time), due to the time difference. Departure from Sarajevo at 12:00 ( local time) and arrival in  Moscow is at 18:00 (local time).

(Source: Sarajevo International Airport)

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