Domestic Company Agrokomerc: After Tops comes Emina Coffee

November 5, 2017 7:00 PM

The AS group from Tesang paid about 7.5 million BAM to purchase two thirds of Agrokomerc’s shares. This is a small but strategic step for the Krajina giant to climb towards its past glory.

Last month, a soup plant was opened, 30 new employees were hired to launch a third shift, which led to a figure of 130 permanent employees and 50 seasonal workers, according to RTV USK.

Old-new products are ready for distribution and in December they should be on the shelves of shopping centers.

A new product at the Tops plant was launched, marketing campaigns and packaging technology for six new types of chocolates are being finalized. By the end of the year, Emina coffee will be sold in stores across the country.

“I hope for a positive response from our consumers who used to drink this coffee 20 years ago. I hope that it will restore its tradition of drinking Bosnian or Turkish coffee Emina,” Smail Korajlic, director of ACFOOD, a member of AS Group, told RTV USK.



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