Agreement of Replacement of Driver Licenses Between B&H and Germany

vozacka-dozvola-bihThe B&H Council of Ministers adopted a joint declaration at its last session on the intent of the Ministry of Communications and Transport B&H and the FB&H Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development of the Federal Republic of Germany on the process of replacing driver’s licenses, the signatory was the Ministry of Communication and Transport.

The joint declaration specifies the procedure for issuing a replacement driver’s licenses from the competent authorities in B&H and Germany to citizens of one country while residing in the territory of another country, and at least 180 days in B&H, or 185 days in Germany.

The return of the original driver license, which would be subject to exchange, will be done through the Embassy of B&H in Germany, while the further distribution to bodies that issued it would be done by the Ministry of Communications and Transport B&H.

The Agency for Identification of Documents, Registers and Data Exchange is responsible for the electronic exchange of information with the competent authority of another contracting party, announced the B&H Council of Ministers.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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