Agency for Medicines of BiH has provided Medical Oxygen to Hospitals in RS

Director of the Medicines Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Aleksandar Zolak published several emails which show that two companies from Croatia, as well as Messer, which produces medical oxygen in BiH, are ready to fully meet the needs of health institutions in Republika Srpska.

These are the companies Messer, which produces medical oxygen in BiH and has a license for internal trade, and UTP Uljanik from Croatia, which has a license for the release of medical gas.

According to Zolak, the import and distribution could be carried out through the company Krajina group, which has a license to import medical oxygen.

He informed that the authorities in Republika Srpska have been deliberately not procuring enough medical oxygen for days in order to put pressure on the Agency to in some way give approval for the use of technical oxygen used so far, BHRT writes.

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