After Mecca and Vukovar: Senad Hadžić is preparing to March to Jerusalem

Senad Hadžić klix.baSenad Hadžić, who became famous for his walk from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Mecca in 2012, is preparing to march to Jerusalem.

He has decided on this new adventure, to journey to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, and his march will encompass three countries.

“September is the month that I have in mind as a departure time. I chose the march to Al-Aqsa because I was asked about it during the journey to Hajj. At that time I said I couldn’t, but I’m ready now”, explained Hadžić.

His journey will start from Saudi Arabia, near the border with Jordan, then after travelling through Jordan Hadžić will enter Israel.

“I’m going to Jerusalem, where I will visit the famous mosque. I heard it is now guarded by the police, but it does not bother me – I will enter it with Bosnian, Jordanian and Palestinian flags”, said Hadžić.

senadThe length of time needed to complete his mission of almost 1000 kms, including his departure and return, will depend on the road conditions. Hadžić assumes that his journey should be finished in one month, or two months at the most.

As a reminder, three months after his completion of the Hajj in Mecca, for which he walked for 10 months, Hadžić paid tribute to the innocent victims of the bombing of Vukovar.

(Source: klix.ba)

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