After analyzing Experiences from Serbia, B&H created a Plan for the Refugee Crisis

October 2, 2015 7:45 AM

izet nizamOn the occasion of the meeting between the Foreign Commission for defense and security and the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs of B&H, at which the readiness of B&H in the case of the wave of refugees from Syria was discusses, an optimism that preparatory works for an adequate reactions were done, was expressed.

In the following months, B&H could become a mandatory route of refugees from Syria who want to come to the Western European countries. Four days ago, there was a case of arrival of the small group of refugees from Syria who came to B&H by plane, and son after that went to Serbia. Director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs emphasized that the visa regime of B&H was abused in that case.

In order to prevent such cases, a decision to ban giving consent to citizens of Syria, Libya and Egypt, that they can get an approval for visa based on vouchers, was adopted.

“That does not mean that we forbid the entrance of citizens of these countries to B&H, but we will not give a consent on the basis of vouchers anymore, because that way of entry is being misused and it will remain in that way until the further notice“, emphasized Nizam.

We made the action plan of how to react in case of arrival of a large number of refugees to B&H, after a detailed analysis of an approach to refugees in Serbia.

“We saw all the flaws in neighboring countries based on operative plans, we exchanged experiences and adapted our plan while taking flaws in Serbia into account.



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