Adventure Fair “Čist Vrbas” To Be Held in Banja Luka

VrbasAs part of the project “Čist Vrbas” in the rafting center “Kanjon” in Karanovac near Banja Luka, an adventure fair will be held from 28-29 June.

Exhibitors at the fair will include representatives of clubs of adeventure sports from BIH, tourist organizations, producers of honey, wine, handicrafts, and equestrian and bicycle clubs, and other exhibitors that could contribute to the development of tourism and promotion of the River Vrbas.

The adventure fair is the continuation of activities for the promotion of Vrbas, and to raise awareness of the public on the importance of preserving the purity of water and the basin of the river.

The fair will be opened by Srebrenka Golić, the Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology in the RS government and Hideo Yamazaki, the Ambassador of Japan to BiH.

The fair is open to all citizens who wish to become familiar with the wide range of adventure sports and tourist offers of the Vrbas river basin.

The adventure fair is being realized as part of the project of UNDP in BiH in cooperation with the Japanese government and the company Coca Cola, with the goal to protect the environment for sustainable development.

(Source: Fena)

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