Adriatic Group: Job for more than 6.000 Farmers in BiH in Next Five Years

cucumbersMembers of the Adriatic Group, companies Brams d.o.o Sarajevo and Agrona d.o.o. Zivinice are the holders of the project of the production stimulation and purchasing of gherkins in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The aim of the Adriatic Group is to increase the domestic production and affect the development of the domestic agriculture. Accordingly, the project worth 9 million BAM has been started.

The funds are intended to the stimulation of domestic farmers on the cultivation of cucumbers, berries and peppers.

In this year, focus is on the cultivation of A class cucumbers, gherkins.

Adriatic Group plans to employ more than 6.000 farmers in BiH in next five years.

It is about households that already deal or have a possibility to deal wih agriculture and cultivation of cucumbers.

Until now, activities were started at following areas: Zivinice, Zavidovici, Teslic, Tesanj, Visegrad, Bijeljina, Doboj, Tuzla, Zenica, Sarajevo, Breza, Mostar, Gorazde, Bugojno, Trebinje, Brcko, Srebrenik, Stolac, Gracanica, Banovici, Kalesija, Zvornik, Lukavica, Rudo, Kakanj, Kiseljak and Busovaca.

Agrona plans the production of around 4.000 tons of gherkins, with 1.500 subcontractors on 1.200 acres during the 2015, and then, increase by 20% was has been planned every year.



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