Adnan Ćatić opening a Factory in Sarajevo?

12476410_1132670100117278_1916410660_nAdnan Ćatić aka Felix Sturm, the boxing champion of  the world in the middleweight division by the WBA version who won the world champion title for the fifth time in the fight against Fedor Chudinov in Oberhauzen in February, arrived with his family in Sarajevo yesterday.

Although born in Germany under whose flag he performs, Ćatić always proudly highlights that he is a Bosnian before all and that he feels the best when he is in the country of his origins.

The boxer intends to spend next several months in BiH and, as he said, have a good rest and enjoy the company of family and numerous friends.

Upon the arrival to the BiH capital, Ćatić met with his friends and took a stroll down the Wilson’s Promenade with his wife Jasmin and their children, son Mahir and daughter Nahla, enjoying he sunny day.

“I will be staying in Sarajevo for several months, although I will spend one month in Germany where I will support one of my good friends in his boxing,” Ćatić said.

Adnan said he intends to open an energy drink and biscuits factory “Heavy 1” in Sarajevo.

“Everyone in the world knows about Sarajevo and each year we can see great progress in the city. People from around the world are coming to enjoy the beauties of the BiH capital. I would focus on the promotion of the energy drink ‘Heavy 1’ in the Balkans, and then also in the Arab world. I already have offers from Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” Ćatić said.


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