Administration for Roads of Livno Canton Reached Agreement on Road Building

bijača autocestaThe administration of roads of the Livno Canton reached an agreement with Livnoputevi on the continuation of the construction of cantonal road Prolog-Vaganj until the border with Croatia that is 1.621.58 meters long and whose value is 799.236 KM.

An agreement was reached with the same company on maintenance of cantonal roads in 2013, for which 860.000 KM is allocated, of which 50.000 is for the road Drvar-Glavica, 90.000 KM for the road Kupres-Blaga, and 700.000 KM for the part of Tomislavgrad-Lipa, where it is expected that a solution will be reached for critical areas during times of heavy rain that cause flooding.

(Source; Dnevni Avaz)

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